Hot rod wheelbarrow

A rather cerebral Freakshow volunteer once asked me why I bothered painting my wheelbarrow. He suggested it was stupid waste of time.
I couldn't disagree more. It didn't take very long and it makes me smile every time I see it now. I've had it nicked twice, proof that the magic of paint has transformed it from banal to exciting.
And of course, it goes much faster.

My little helpers

Most sign shops have a floor-based dog or an old cat as a pet. Here, we run an unofficial fledgling rescue, which generally makes for all kinds of chaos.
This is a photo of Pia, as a teenage magpie, who wanted to play with anything I had in my hand. She's since grown up, calmed down and got her own sign painting business on the other side of the valley.

Roll up, roll up

I love fairground art and ornamental lettering. But because it's not massively in demand at present, I set myself projects.
This is an vintage pine door panel, rescued from a bonfire. I watched a video of someone doing this style of Tuscan lettering on Youtube to restore an old merry-go-round for Blackpool pleasure beach and wanted to give it a try.

Victorian Ornamental lettering

A personal study of William Sutherland's alphabet from the 1880s, in which I tried to use as many different techniques and materials as possible; metal leaf, marbling, crackle glazes and distressing on wood, metal and glass.

Spectacular signs

I've got a lot of experience designing and building for shows and venues. From portable, electric-shock portrait photography decoration to large festival signs, please get in touch to talk creating an unmissable identity for your project.

Beautiful *useful* objects

Key blocks, battery keepers, night lights...

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