I was born in Bristol and used to buy sweets from the same corner shop as Banksy.
As a teenager I used to paint punk/alternative band names in white gloss on the back of friend's jackets - copying lettering is something I've done for a long time. I also learnt to use an airbrush, spent hours and hours doing very intricate black and white drawings and, like all goths, learnt black letter calligraphy.
In the early 1990s I discovered colour and was massively into Tank Girl. Below there's a photo of a psychedelic collage of hand-copied drawings in hommage of Jamie Hewlett's iconic creation.
I could never decide bewteen arts and science, but eventually went for science and got as far as finishing a Ph.D. in the photodegradation of car paints before getting bored jumping ships to become a motorcycle road tester in 1995. Working at Performance Bikes magazine was sometimes a lot of fun and certainly an unforgettable experience. For the record, I quit in 1997 because the publishing company, EMAP, moved Mark Forsyth (editor) off the magazine. PB was no longer PB without MF. During that hectic period, I only had time to do tiny little cigrarette-card sized paintings, but they slowly built up into a snap shot of that surreal part of my life.

(Aprillia RS250 photos: Kenny P)