March, 2018

Diane de Poytiers is one of the oldest nougat factories in Montelimar (French Nougatsville) and as it grew, it incorporated smaller factories Le Merle Blanc and Le Délicieux. The latter was very successful in the 1920s and a lot of charming advertising from that era remains.
Frédérique from Diane de Poytiers asked me to remove the cracked vinyl lettering from a heavy metal panel they used to use, and repaint it based on an early 'Le Délicieux' logo. Due to a misunderstanding about the size, I tried to bring it back in the Zoe and very nearly lost it coming up a steep hill.
The work was done in January/February when it was close to zero outside, which meant the paint wouldn't dry. So I brought it into the living room and we all spent a merry week tripping over the bloody thing. When it was finally dry, I hired a van to take it back.